Jaylen and new-found friends

Positive energy
for the community

Spreading our message: faith, consistency, hard work, pays off.

The 7uice Foundation is dedicated to positively affecting the lives of “at risk” children and young adults through educational, athletic and social programs. It is our belief that education and healthy living in a collaborative environment is vital to the development and growth of children and young adults.

The 7uice Foundation also provides grants to support the work of:

AJ Bouye Foundation | Boys & Girls Club (Boston Area’s) | United Playaz Organization | Brookline Education Foundation | Brookline Teen Center | Brookline Education Foundation | Brookline Teen Center | Brookline Community Center | Brookline Foodbank | Blossom Foundation | Gwinnett Pearls of Service Foundation | Swift Transitions Inc | Crossover System |

Jaylen Brown meeting the youth

Social Responsibility
and Community Engagement:

Jaylen Brown and The 7uice Foundation took the opportunity to not dwell on the challenges but take the challenges and obstacles and turn them into opportunities and optimism. Jaylen advocates to be a voice for the voiceless and to apply action where it resonates the most. By utilizing various media platforms such as a Dove Men+ Care TV Commercial and recent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Jaylen was able to expand the message of equality and inclusion as pillars in making better communities. Continue to support The 7uice foundation as advocates for a better America. Together we can all contribute to its greatness.

Jaylen Brown on the Ellen Degeneres Show
Dove Men+ Care with Jaylen Brown

The Fight Against
Social Injustice & Inequality

The 7uice foundation is a unique and culturally diverse organization  that promotes education, self development and community engagement.  The pillars that The 7uice foundation incorporates is an accountability platform that empowers, impacts and engages the community as a whole.  Self reflection and awareness has led The 7uice foundation to be on the forefront in providing solution based alternatives and processes to assist in combating social injustice and inequality.

Through a tireless work ethic, attention to detail and  compassion for others, The 7uice foundation has created a niche in the social awareness arena that truly highlights and encourages positive outcomes through action. It is The 7uice foundation that takes the leadership role for empowering others to have the resources and enlightenment to make our communities better and safer for our families and our nation.  Please support and join The 7uice foundation by becoming part of a solution based organization that wishes to strengthen us rather than divide.  It is through inclusion and honest dialogue that we are able to forge forward and  make progress. 

Community Gala was a success!

We are happy to announce Jaylen Brown’s 1st Annual Community Gala was a complete success, we’d like to share the experience with you through the following images.

All photos taken by Annette Grant & Luke Schlaifer.

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